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In this day and age there is a lack of Design Engineering follow through for manufacturing on most projects. Our staff has experience in taking projects from a dinner napkin sketch all the way through production release. We are not just designers and engineers, we are creative problem-solving people that share risk with our clients.

Product Design & Engineering

Design manufacturing and performance engineering is one place most companies fall short. Four elements has the experience to get your project out of the clouds and into production.

Patent Search & Application Process

The patent process actually starts well before you file a patent application or seek assistance from a patent attorney. Every patent application starts with an invention, and every invention starts with an idea. While ideas are not patentable, there will be a point in time when the idea you are working on comes into vision with enough detail to cross what we call the idea / invention boundary. To have a protectable invention you have to be able to describe it with enough detail so that someone of skill in the relevant technical field can understand how to both make and use the invention. Once we do that, our patent attorney will file a patent application on your behalf.


We have our own in-house prototype making capabilities. Having this in-house ability makes the transition from design and engineering to a real part with minimal communication breakdowns. This also allows us to make on-the-fly changes since our designers and engineers are at the same location.

Sales/Marketing Research

So you have a great idea for a product–something that’s bound to capture the hearts and minds (and wallets) of consumers everywhere. Wait! Before you shift into high gear, you must determine whether there really is a market for your  product and the retail pricing that the market can bare. Four Elements Sales and Market Research Team will conduct the necessary market research. We will gather two types of data: primary and secondary. Primary research is information that comes directly from the source–that is, potential customers via surveys, focus groups and other methods. Secondary research involves gathering statistics, reports, studies and other data from organizations such as government agencies, trade associations and local chambers of commerce.

Manufacturing Liaison & Project Management

Our designers and engineers have years of experience in taking projects all the way through manufacture. Some of our clients ask us to manage these outside manufacturing efforts for them.

Design & Build Custom Automation Equipment

Since we are typically involved in the product development of a project it is an easy transition for us to help our clients develop automation equipment for the build and testing of their products. We are the only product development company in the world that offers this service in-house.

Electronic Design & Development

No longer is there a need to hire one firm to handle the housing and another to handle the development of internal electronics. With in-house capabilites, we can provide a complete turn key prototype of your electronics and housings.

GUI, Mobile & Software Design

As technology continues to make more devices capable of communication with their user, our firm stands ready to provide the support needed for all User Interface, Bluetooth, ANT, and other mobile technologies.

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Four Elements, LLC is often presented with investment opportunities from clients seeking capitalization for their project/invention. Clients at times are just looking to outright sell their ideas or invention and 4E can act as a liason between both parties. If you’re seeking investment opportunities, email or call our corporate office at or 813.999.4971.

The true essence of entrepreneurship is to define, invest, build, and repeat successful enterprises. The entrepreneur develops a business model, acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success of failure. 4E matches the wants and needs of Entrepreneurs with that of our clients to develop a mutually beneficial relationship ultimately leading to a financial reward for both parties. To inquire about entreprenurial opportunities, email or call our corporate office at or 813.999.4971.

Do you have an idea for a prodct or service? Are you looking for a development team to bring your concept from a dinner napkin sketch to erality? Four Elements Product Development has worked for over 30 years and brought over 3500 projects to market. We have the passion, vision, and expertise that’s required to successfully design, prototype, market, and manufacture your product or service. Peruse our website and you will see some of the projects we’ve worked on and testimonials from our clients.

At For Elements, LLC, we understand that improving efficiency involves more than implementing new technologies. Our automation engineering consultants can help you upgrade or use your existing sytems and infrastructure to enhance your plant-centric processes and operations for stronger business performance. Every project benefitrs from our deep experience in a variety of industries, platforms, and technologies. Our proven execution methodology guides our process to ensure that we implement solutions in a safe, cost-effective, and timely manner, meeting or exceeding all of your project goals.

4E provides consulting services and practical experience in product development, sourcing, and vendor collaboration. Our expertise will help you streamline your business processes, improve responsiveness to pre-production and production events, and reduce your overall development calendar. The professionals at Four Elements, LCC, help retailers identify process improvement opportunities in their product development and sourcing practices. By implementing enhanced processes, we help you increase margin, maximize brand profitability, and improve your product development and sourcing team’s speed and agility. To find out more, contact us at 813.999.4971.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Phil Gilliam

    Senior Vice President

    About Phil Gilliam

    Phil Gilliam has extensive background as a mechanical design engineer, software programmer, and professional salesman, along with being a marketing specialist, throughout his years of marketing he has developed sophisticated proprietary software system to allow us to quickly and efficiently analyze our client’s specific needs. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Alcoa, Union Pacific, BASF etc, but we also have just as effectively worked with small mom and pop operations to help them grow their businesses and be able through effective marketing and sales to compete with the “big dogs”… He does not believe that marketing is simply an applied art that cannot be qualified and quantified.

  • Testimonial

    Ed Manasse

    Vice President - Operations

    About Ed Manasse

    With more than 20 years of progressively responsible experience directing operations and team building through superior leadership, including implementing budget reductions, installing effective management information systems and leveraging resources, Ed  is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth.

    Ed is distinguished by his passion for business and his commitment to meeting customer and market demands. His contagious enthusiasm instills him and his team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. Ed does not just set out ambitious goals … he motivates people to deliver in a timely, efficient and professional manner to the end user/customer.

    Ed earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Florida majoring in economics and political science and spends much of his free time with his family of 7 pursuing outdoor adventures.

  • Testimonial

    Bruce Melanson


    About Bruce Melanson

    Bruce Melanson embodies all that is the entrepreneurial spirit. Over the last 35 years Bruce has founded over a dozen companies in many states and countries. With his Midas touch, he has turned them all into gold! Bruce’s keen eye for business, and love of numbers, has made him a key mentor for many seeking commercial success. Bruce is a true Florida native and in his free time enjoys all that Florida has to offer, from boating to catching one of Tampa’s many concerts.

  •  Testimonials 2

    Phil is one of those engineers who gets it.

    , Principal Strategist at eDog Consulting

    Phil is one of those engineers who gets it. Not only is he very talented as an engineer, he is very creative. He was always willing to work toward the best possible answer and not just take the easy route. Even if it seemed impossible, he would figure out a way to make it work. We worked on some extremely complicated projects and Phil was always there to help find an amazing solution. He is also a great guy and fun to work with. He motivated people to achieve beyond their own expectations and we all had fun doing it. I highly recommend him and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.

  •  Testimonials 2

    Phil is an extraordinary business leader.

    Ken Ryan, Cargo and Business Development Director

    Phil is an extraordinary business leader. His engineering expertise combined with a strong business foresight have consistently impressed me. He is that rare individual who has great vision but with feet planted firmly on the ground. He as great instincts during the creative process. This leads to quicker results in product development. He is also blessed with a wicked sense of humor. Makes things fun.

  •  Testimonials 2

    I have had the pleasure in working with Phil over the past 10 years and highly recommend him for any engineering and new product development projects…

    Robert Reed, Owner, ERGO Research Inc.

    I have had the pleasure in working with Phil over the past 10 years and highly recommend him for any engineering and new product development projects because:

    1. He always is fully prepared, a result of his past experiences or through his diligent research.
    2. He is an analytic thinker, placing himself in the shoes of the eventual user of the product he is designing.
    3. His relationships with other development team members is respectful and thoughtful to achieve common purpose.
    4. His follow through is spectacular.
    5.  He has a great appreciation in meeting established budgets.
    6. He is focused on delivering quality engineering and a product that works.
    7. He's fun to work with!
      If you have the opportunity t develop a working relationship with Phil, it will be your good fortune.

One man’s “Magic” is another man’s Engineering.

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We have years of experience providing top notch development services to top quality companies throughout the World. With a 92% retention rate...we must be doing something right!

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