The technology used in product development has taken enormous leaps forward during the latter part of the 20th century and on into the start of the 21st century. Unfortunately, many product design companies lack the design engineering follow through that allows these technologies to seamlessly integrate together.

At Four Elements Product Development, our mission has been to design a process that allows customers to take their product from being an idea, to being a patent invention, to being a working prototype, to being something that is mass manufactured. We have experience working with clients taking ideas that are just scribbled on a napkin and working them all the way through to production release. We benefit from having a staff is not just made up of designers. Instead, we are a collection of entrepreneurs who understand the importance of creative thinking and problem solving. We are fully invested in every single one of our clients and we are not afraid to share risk with them.

Electronic Design and Development
Many of the products that we work on combine internal electronics with an external housing. Unlike most production firms that are only equipped to design the housing of a product, we at Four Elements Product Development have the ability to handle the creation of the housing and the development of the internal electronics. Having the ability to design your entire project in-house allows us to reduce cost, reduce error due to missed communication, reduce design to creation time, and improve the quality of the end product you receive.

We understand electronic design and development. For this reason we are able to provide our clients with solutions to any challenges they face as their product goes through the electronic production development cycle. We can work with our clients in examining and improving product performance.


It does not matter if your electronic design is for a redesigned heart monitor machine that will be used in the medical community or if it is being designed for a device that is going to be the next best thing in hand-held entertainment. Our team strives at understanding and resolving strategic and operational challenges. We work with you and helping you develop and produce complex electronic products. Our goal is to increase productivity and accelerate the time it takes to get your product from the drawing board to the market. Our in-house technicians are all trained and up-to-date with the latest in industry-specific standards. They understand telecommunications, they have worked with the video industry, and they understand electronics. Our end goal has always been to ensure that your products exceed your standards and take advantage of the most recent technology available.

How Our Customers Benefit

For more than 30 years, we have witnessed the increased pace of industry. Time-to-market is more important in today’s business environment than ever before. For this reason it is crucial that production design firms working with products that require electronic design services have the ability to successfully tackle this challenge and move the demand element process forward uninterrupted.

Our team of experienced in-house electronic design engineers has developed the specialized skills that are needed to tackle and quickly resolve any technological hurdles that could increase the time-to-market of your product.

However, we are not focused on providing our customers with a quick fix that only addresses their immediate electronic design challenges. No, our goal is to provide a solution that is sustainable and that strategically addresses their needs. We enjoy working with our clients and transferring some of the knowledge and experience that we have learned over the years to them, allowing them to expand their knowledge and get a better grasp on the latest concepts, design technologies, and practices.

How We Work
We will work with you every step of the way. First, we will create a plan that is based on the requirements of your product, uses the most recent technology, and has reasonable schedules and a realistic budget. Next, we will define what we’re going to do by carefully documenting every step including the system and FPGA design architecture, the components that we will use, the hardware interfaces that we will use, and our software programming models. Then, we will implement our plan based on the definition we have agreed on.

Our commitment to seeing your project completed successfully includes providing you with ongoing support. We will work with you to see to it that your product is successfully launched in the marketplace.

At Four Elements Product Development, your project is our passion. When you work with us, you are able to focus on your core business and leave the product development to us.