Just three decades ago, voice user interface design and graphic user interface was a thing of science-fiction. It is exciting to see how over the past decade science-fiction has worked its way into science reality. Now, voice user interface is an essential component to most electronic devices. Telephones, computers, automobiles, music players, home climate control systems, along with a whole host of other apparatuses have the option to respond to voice commands. This is a trend in product design that will become more prominent over the next few years.

At Four Elements Product Development, we have seen that more and more of our clients are looking to design products that make communication with their users easier. Whether it’s designing an intuitive graphic user interface, creating functional mobile software, or intelligent software design, our firm is ready to provide all of the support you need to help you build the perfect product.

Creating a Graphical User Interface

Our in-house technicians are passionate about software design. They have worked with some of the largest names in business, creating graphic user interfaces that are designed with the clear transmission of ideas in mind. When designing a graphical user interface, there are two factors that we take into consideration:

  • Development Factors play an important role in providing usable visual communication. Some of these factors would include the constraints of the platform we are designing for, the tools, kits and component libraries that are being used and the ability to customize the unit.
  • Visibility Factors include the way that humans will interact visually with the graphical user interface. They will also include designing an interface that reinforces the product’s identity and creates a clear conceptual model.

The Visible Language refers to the graphical techniques that are used in order to transmit a message or to relay context. Our team understands the role that layout, typography, color, texture, and imagery play in making graphical user interfaces easier to use. Animation, sequencing, and sounds are all used to create a visual identity and provide consistency to the user interface.


Our goal is to create a graphical user interface that is attractive but also functional. In order to do this, we rely on the three principles of User Interface Design. These include:

  • Organize the interface so that it gives the user a consistent and clear conceptual structure.
  • Economize to allow users to do the most with a minimum amount of cues.
  • Communicate ideas in a way that allows the presentation to match the capabilities of the user.

When it comes to organization, our focus is on designing a screen layout that is consistent, that makes clear the relationships between one item and another, and that is easy to navigate. We do this by implementing the concepts of:

  • Internal consistency (Dialogue boxes consistently appear in the same place throughout the software)
  • External consistency (Using text tools and icons that are familiar to the user and that are use multiple popular applications but always have the same meaning)
  • Real world consistency ( Icons used in the program should relate to what the user sees in the real world. For example, a stop sign may be used as an icon because it conveys an idea that is familiar to the user in a real-world setting.)

Our designers also realize that there are times when consistency is neither practical nor desirable in a graphical user interface. They have the flexibility and know how to understand when deviating from existing conventions is proper and when it will provide benefit to the end-user.

Color Symbolism

The importance of using color to communicate cannot be underestimated. Since we have the privilege of working with clients from different cultural and professional backgrounds, we give attention to the way that colors are viewed by different kinds of viewers. For example, when designing a mailbox icon for the United States, we would probably make it blue. In England it would be red, and in Greece it would be yellow.

Of course, we are barely scratching the surface of what goes into our user interface design. As technology continues to move forward and make more and more devices that are capable of communicating with users, we at Four Elements Product Development are committed to providing our clients the support they need for user interface, Bluetooth, ANT, and other mobile technologies.

We invite you to speak to our production team and let us show you how our commitment to design and our acceptance of nothing less than excellence can leave you with the peace of mind to focus on your core business and let us handle the product development.