A prototype is one of the most exciting phases of early-stage development. The prototype is basically a three dimensional representation of your vision. A prototype is the first time when you are able to actually see your idea function. Designing a prototype is one of the most rewarding steps you will take in the design to manufacturing process. It allows you as an inventor to take advantage of your creativity. Working with our design team you will be able to watch as something that was just in your head is transformed into something that is tangible and something that is real.

What should you expect from a prototype? The answer will vary depending on your original idea and the amount of money we have budgeted to make your goals a reality.

There are many benefits to creating a prototype. They include:

  • The Ability to Put Your Design to the Test and Make Adjustments to Refine the Design. It is possible that in theory your ideal will work perfectly. However, it is not until the design is physically created that certain flaws may come to the fore. While our engineering and design team are experts at foreseeing challenges and issues with your design before it is created, there are always some challenges that are not brought to the fore until the idea is taken from a theory, or a drawing on a computer, and turned into reality.
  • The Ability to Test the Performance of Different Materials.During the design process, your heart may have been sent on using a particular material. However, it may not be until you actually test your product in the real world that you see that a different material will provide you with better performance and a lower cost as opposed to the material you were initially considering using.
  • The Ability to Effectively Market Your Product. When you have a working prototype, it is easier to explain the product to others. Attorneys, marketers, and potential business partners can better understand something that they can see and touch as opposed to plans drawn out on paper or on a computer.
  • Others Will Take You and Your Product More Seriously.When you visit marketers, a potential client, or a potential partner with a product in hand, you put yourself at a different level than individuals who approach them with just vague ideas. Having a prototype allows you to present yourself as a professional who is dedicated to seeing their product succeed as opposed to an inventor who simply has a good idea.

The Benefits of Working with Us

At Four Elements Product Development, our goal is to allow you to focus on your core business while allowing us to handle the product development. This includes the creation of your prototype. We are not just a group of design engineers. We are creative thinkers, and we are problem solvers. We love helping our clients find answers to their questions, and we are not afraid to take risk and share the risk with our clients.

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One of the unique benefits of working with Four Elements Product Development as opposed to working with other design firms is that we have in-house prototype making capabilities. Some of the benefits that come to you as our client from this is that since our design team, our engineering team, and our manufacturing team are all in the same building, there are very few communication breakdowns. If there are any questions, team members can easily communicate with each other to resolve issues and to quickly move forward with the design of your prototype. Additionally, if changes need to be made on the fly, they can be done quickly and seamlessly since both our designers and our engineers are at the same location.

Over the years, we have worked with many high profile clients including NASA, Rubbermaid, Maybelline, Bosch, CAT, Dow, Tyco, and Weber. We have developed a 92 percent customer retention rate, which to us to sign that we are doing something right.

We invite you to see for yourself why so many inventors turn to us when they want to take their ideas from a sketch on a napkin and turn them into a functioning marketable reality.